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Time Remaining Until
Governor Newsom is Voted Out of Office

Help Woodrow Make That Happen By Choosing Him In The June 7th Primary Election!

Woodrow “Woody” Sanders III is a nearly seventeen-year veteran of California state government. During this time, he has worked at the Franchise Tax Board, Department of Motor Vehicles, Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, Department of Consumer Affairs, and, most recently, the Department of Technology. His extensive knowledge of state government operations, his commitment to eliminating wasteful spending, and his proven ability to find practical solutions to complex problems allow him to bring a unique perspective to any discussion concerning local and state government.

Unlike our current governor, Woodrow possesses the necessary courage, competence, and character to lead California. After realizing that he would never be able to effect lasting change from within under the bad leadership of the governor’s office, he decided the only way to break the cycle that led to current conditions and the historic decisions by the cities of Vallejo, San Bernardino, and Stockton to declare bankruptcy was to pursue the highest office in the state. Woodrow’s passion for restoring California’s crown as the best state in the union, his in-depth understanding of California’s precarious financial situation, and his resourcefulness make a compelling case for why he should be our next governor.

Mr. Efficiency Needed

Technology integrations, process improvement, and departmental consolidations are among Woodrow's key strategies to reduce spending.

Multi-Department Experience

During his government career, Woodrow has worked at some of California's largest departments: FTB, DMV, CalOES, DCA, and CDT.

Practical Solutions

In a February 2022 letter to Governor Newsom, Woodrow provided several practical solutions to costly issues that account for a majority of the state's wasteful spending.

Leaders Held Accountable

Californians can depend on Woodrow to not tolerate mismanagement and wasteful practices by his department leaders.